Opal Towers Update

Ths is an update on the status of the Opal Towers building in Sydney Olympic Park.

The paramount concern for the developers and builders of Opal Towers is to ensure the interests and welfare of the residents as well as for Icon (the builder) to uncover the underlying issue which caused the cracking and have this resolved ASAP.

In order to facilitate this, Icon and their engineer, WSP Australia, one of the largest global structural engineering firms, has been deployed on site since the situation occurred on Christmas Eve.

In addition to this, the following additional measures have been put in place to reinstate confidence to all stakeholders: 

-  Kajima Corporation (the majority owner of Icon) have flown in three senior engineers from Japan to assist in the structural review of the building.

-  Ecove (the developer) have agreed with Icon and the Owners Corporation to appoint an independent structural engineering firm to peer review any findings by WSP Australia and check over the entire building.

- The Department of Planning have also deployed senior structural engineers from various authorities and Australian Universities to assist with the ongoing investigations.

All parties - developer, builder and engineers, have been working around the clock and tirelessly in order to get detailed and definitive information to the residents.

Ecove and Icon are available anytime should any of you have any questions or wish to discuss the matter. In the meantime, they will continue to provide you with updates as and when new information is known.

Contact details for the relevant parties attached.