What We Do

What We Do

Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be recognised as a leading business association that delivers on the intrinsic needs of its Members.


To maximise the potential of the iconic Sydney Olympic Park precinct by advocating and influencing key decision makers to meet the collective needs of our Members.

The objectives of the Business Association are:  

(1) To align the structure, roles and constitution of the Business Association to reflect our vision and mission;

(2) To provide a quality Member service;

(3) To improve the accessibility of the Sydney Olympic Park precinct;

(4) To work together to generate sufficient funds to achieve the vison and mission of the Business Association.

Since its inception, the Business Association has discussed and influenced SOPA, other Government agencies, ministers, the media and general public on a number of issues relating to the Park. These matters and relevant documents include:

  • Feedback to WestConnex Delivery Authority ( 2014)
  • Submission to Department of Planning and the Environment on the M4 Widening as part of the WestConnex Project (2014)
  • Submission to Department of Planning and Infrastructure on the Carter Street and Wentworth Point Urban Activation Precincts (2014)
  • Submission to Transport for NSW on feedback on the release of the Long Term Transport Master Plan ( 2012)
  • Submission to Transport for NSW on public transport requirements for Sydney Olympic Park in relation to the Long Term Transport Master Plan (2012)
  • Staging of inaugural V8 Supercar Race at SOP (2008/2009)
  • Review of SOPA's event overlay to assist Dawn Fraser Avenue businesses maximise major event crowds, including exiting procedures from SOP station on major event days. (May 2009)
  • Public Transport scheduling/timetables (ongoing)
  • Development of Lifestyle program (launched 15 October 2007)
  • SOP Master Plan "Vision 2030"
  • Major Venue Strategy Review (April 2003)
  • Joint funding of "Business Development Manager" function
  • Development of the "Parking and Transport Advisory Group"
  • "Study into the Future Role & Positioning of SOP… The future Beyond the Games" (May 2000)
  • "Marketing Brief" (June 2000)
  • "Post Olympic Games Transport Policy & Strategy" (August 2000)
  • Formation of the Batey Kazoo "Plan to Market" (August 2000)
  • "Submission to NSW Government" (November 2000)
  • "SOPBA Masterplan & Development Policy for SOP" (March 2001)
  • Consultative Processes (April 2001)
  • Olympic Cauldron (June 2001)
  • SOP Business Forums
  • SOP Marketing Workshop (staged August 2001)
  • Reduction in Car Parking Prices
  • Formation of the SOP Strategic Marketing Plan Working Group
  • Catering arrangements for "Ignite"
  • PCG Representation for: "Ignite" and "Summer Fun"

Additionally, the Business Association has consolidated the views of its members on a number of emerging matters. Various documents and discussions have been exchanged relating to the following issues, which are constantly under review:

  • NSW Major Events Board
  • Major Venues Strategy
  • Transport Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Masterplan Review Process
  • Review and planning for future festivals
  • Signage – Commercial, Way-finding and "Look"
  • Expansion of the SOPA Board (Police) "User Pays" Scheme
  • Staffing/Industrial Relations Processes at SOP